Fixed Income Portfolios

Stacey Braun manages Core, Intermediate and Short-Term Fixed Income Portfolios.

The fixed income strategy is designed to provide safety of principal, predictable and stable income and possible capital appreciation. Stacey Braun utilizes a “top down” analysis to achieve this strategy, which is predicated on our economic forecasts and interest rate projections. Stacey Braun’s team of Portfolio Managers structures a portfolio, using high quality debt instruments (short, intermediate, and long term bonds) while adhering to a portfolio’s specific investment guidelines.

Security selection, buy/sell decisions, duration and yield curve positioning as well as sector weightings are also determined based upon our macroeconomic and interest rate projections.

Stacey Braun only purchases liquid, high quality securities. We have never utilized financial derivatives, ‘toxic” mortgage securities or high yield “junk bonds”.

The selection of corporate fixed income securities follows a comprehensive review of a particular issuer’s interest coverage ratio, capitalization ratio, and study of balance sheets and research reports.