Financial Planning Programs for Corporations

Stacey Braun’s Corporate Financial Planning Program is a comprehensive service built around Investment Advice, Financial Planning, and Benefit Coordination


An employee who is not distracted by his or her financial situation
is a more productive employee:


Employees experiencing financial stress spent 13% of the workday dealing with money matters while on the job

— Consumer Credit Counseling Service


Almost 2/3 (61%) of Americans report having serious financial problems

— Kaiser Family Foundation


56% of those surveyed report that stress related to finances has increased in the last 12 months

— PwC Financial Wellness Survey


50% of people age 45 and up have not calculated their retirement savings need

— Wall Street Journal

It should come as no surprise that:

Employees are increasingly interested in professional advice regarding critical decisions about their
retirement savings (49%), overall financial situation (44%) and their benefits (47%)
— Met Life Study of Employee Benefits Trends


Our Programs are Designed to Fit the Need of any Employer

Stacey Braun’s financial planning programs for corporations are designed to assist employees with their financial decisions and objectives while insuring that they utilize employer provided benefits optimally.

Financial Planning Topics

  • Retirement Planning
  • Debt Management/Budgeting
  • Education Planning (529 Plans)
  • Estate/Inheritance Planning
  • Financial Advice on Divorce Matters
  • Life, Disability, Health and Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Tax Planning
  • Home Purchase/Financing
  • Refinancing
  • Elder Care Analysis/Survivor Planning

Benefit Coordination

  • Stacey Braun Financial Planners become well versed in the benefit packages of the Corporations we work for
  • Planners will incorporate employer Benefits into participants financial plan
  • Participant will be educated on available benefits
  • Assist with employee on-boarding and explanation of benefits
  • Provide terminated employees financial assistance upon layoffs or downsizing
  • Provide tax guidance with respect to qualified retirement plans, qualified/non-qualified stock options and executive compensation arrangements

The Stacey Braun Defined 401K Program

Programs can be offered and paid for in variety of manners. Often, employers will attach one of our financial planning programs to a defined contribution plan. Our programs are a great compliment to a retirement program because they provide comprehensive investment advice. Comprehensive investment advice is superior to the basic investment education feature included, but under-used in most defined contribution plans.

The basic education feature is usually designed solely to satisfy DOL education requirements which means that education is limited, formula driven and does not consider the particular financial situation of the individual

The Stacey Braun Defined 401K Program

Investment Education Comprehensive Investment Advice
General investment education, materials and plan information Personalized investment advice and education
General asset allocation models Customized asset allocation development
Tailored to group Tailored to the individual
May not review/consider other financial matters Other financial matters reviewed and considered
Generic Seminars Multiple seminars, multiple individual consultations and ongoing assistance

About Stacey Braun

In 2001, Stacey Braun created a "boutique" financial planning and investment division that is staffed with Registered Investment Advisors (RIA), Certified Financial Planners (CFP) and Enrolled Agents (EA) to assist you with our comprehensive approach to investment planning and to provide you with a wide array of financial services.