Financial Planning Programs for Unions

Our financial planning programs help members harness the financial protections and security that Unions have fought to attain for their memberships.

Financial Planning Philosophy

Why do union members need financial planning?

Everyone can benefit from financial planning. In our experience union members utilize our services because:

  • They are unsure if they have enough money for retirement
  • They have excessive debt or live paycheck to paycheck
  • They are not sure if they are invested properly or how to invest according to their individual financial circumstance
  • They have questions regarding their taxes
  • They do not know if they have adequate or appropriate insurance
  • They are not properly utilizing their employer and/or union benefits
  • They are purchasing a home or other large asset
  • They want to roll over their retirement account
  • They want to learn about options regarding long-term care
  • They are unaware of education funding methods
  • They have financial questions and don’t know who to ask


Objective Financial Planning Advice for Your Members

Stacey Braun offers two types of Financial Planning Programs for Unions, General Programs and Retirement Plan Programs. Both Programs are designed to offer objective financial planning advice directly to the member (and the member’s family, if so requested) by a Certified Financial Planner® and/or Registered Investment Advisor. Both can also be modified to suit the particular needs of the Union.

General Programs

  • Financial Planning Programs are provided by Unions or Union Benefit Funds to their membership. Features of a general program include: Annual financial consultation (in person, via the web or via toll-free telephone at Participant’s request)
  • Written summary of consultation upon request, containing specific recommendations for how to best achieve the Participant’s goals
  • Unlimited access to Stacey Braun’s proprietary website
  • Unlimited access to Stacey Braun’s E-mail Helpdesk
  • Educational seminars
  • Web and Toll-free telephone and/or web access to our CFP® and RIA’s for financial questions

Retirement Plan Program Consultations

  • In person or via toll-free telephone
  • At Participant’s discretion, financial planner may:
    • Provide a general overview of a Member’s finances
    • Address specific financial issues or questions
    • Offer a financial “second opinion”
    • Identify other financial areas that may require attention
  • At the request of the Participant, a written financial review is given to Members summarizing the consultation and includes any follow-up recommendations


Members Get Valuable Information at the Click of a Button


  • Informative financial narratives
  • Financial news and briefs
  • Financial calculators
  • Financial resource center
  • Stacey Braun Email Helpdesk


  • Member’s can use the E-Mail Helpdesk as a vehicle to ask and receive answers to their basic financial questions
  • Stacey Braun’s financial planners can use the E-Mail Helpdesk to determine if a more in-depth consultation is required
  • Available 24 hours a day

Financial Seminars

Seminars are a feature of both programs. Click below for information on the various seminars we offer. Stacey Braun also designs seminars to address specific and/or topical subjects. View Financial Seminars

About Stacey Braun

In 2001, Stacey Braun created a "boutique" financial planning and investment division that is staffed with Registered Investment Advisors (RIA), Certified Financial Planners (CFP) and Enrolled Agents (EA) to assist you with our comprehensive approach to investment planning and to provide you with a wide array of financial services.