Estate Planning

Estate Planning expertise for peace of mind and to help ensure intentions become reality.

The steady press of family affairs, professional careers, and personal interests and pursuits makes it easy at almost any age to overlook the importance of a sound estate plan.   And yet, at almost every age, an estate plan developed with an appropriate level of study, thought, and detail is essential.  This is true whether such a plan—

  • Protects and creates peace of mind for newlyweds expecting a first child;
  • Generates a “fresh look” opportunity for two empty-nesters whose wills (if they exist at all) date to when now-adult children were in nursery school; 
  • Provides a couple in their 70s with confidence that accumulated assets will not be unduly taxed or depleted and will instead eventually be distributed in accordance with their wishes.    
  • Structures with clarity the distribution of a 90-year old’s estate between and among multiple parties/generations associated with a complex family tree.

Stacey Braun planners can discuss useful strategies to assist clients like these—or clients facing trying or difficult situations, perhaps involving an ailing spouse or a disabled child—to plan for and address a range of contingencies and circumstances.   Although not attorneys, our experienced team can offer a certain amount of “baseline” knowledge to complement and provide a foundation for formal legal advice, and can provide suggestions and support throughout the process of designing a plan.

A list of frequently discussed topics includes:

  • Importance of properly titling Assets
  • The use of Trusts to avoid Probate and/or Taxation
  • Protections commonly afforded by basic trust structures
  • The use of Supplemental Needs Trusts for Individuals with Disabilities
  • The role Life Insurance can play in protecting a young family from the financial chaos caused by one parent’s death, or the role it can play in assuring retirement income for an individual who survives the pre-retirement death of a spouse who (had s/he lived) would have received a pension
  • The importance of Advance Care Directives for circumstances involving a loved one’s physical or mental incapacity

At its core, a well-developed estate plan should be based on clear goals and a consideration of available options, and from a client’s perspective should generate the peace of mind associated with knowing that meaningful and practical plans have been put in place.  

About Stacey Braun

In 2001, Stacey Braun created a "boutique" financial planning and investment division that is staffed with Registered Investment Advisors (RIA), Certified Financial Planners (CFP) and Enrolled Agents (EA) to assist you with our comprehensive approach to investment planning and to provide you with a wide array of financial services.