Equity Portfolios

Stacey Braun manages Core Equity, Large-Cap Value Equity and Large-Cap Growth Equity Portfolios.

Stacey Braun utilizes a “sector neutral” bottom up equity strategy which closely aligns our sector weightings to those of the Benchmark Index. Our superior performance relative to the Benchmark has been achieved through stock selection and analysis. Our equity portfolios consist of a diverse group of stocks selected through fundamental and technical analysis. This analysis focuses on balance sheets, income statements, valuations (price to earnings ratios lower than their peers, price to earnings ratios lower than their respective growth rates), superior management as well as the particular security’s ability to meet or exceed revenue and earnings estimates. Securities that are chosen through this analysis are then compared to their peers before purchase.

The elimination of sector risk relative to the benchmark is the cornerstone of our strategy to outperform the market while exposing our portfolios to less risk and volatility.

Stacey Braun employs an active, flexible investment approach. Cash equivalents (US Treasury Bills or money markets) can be employed as defensive measures in times of declining equity markets.