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Debt & Credit Management

Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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Debt is not automatically a bad thing – but lack of a plan to address it is personally and financially taxing. Excessive debt can prevent saving and stand in the way of other important goals. This webinar will suggest ways to organize a budget, address debt, and point out reasons (and ways) to establish a strong Credit record.

Attend this webinar to learn more about:

  • The importance of an Emergency Fund
  • The structure and value of a Budget
  • Saving for Important Purposes
  • The difference between “Good” Debt and “Bad” Debt
  • Strategies to address and retire Credit Card Debt
  • The importance of a Credit Score
  • Ways to improve and maintain a Credit Score

Meet the Financial Planners from Stacey Braun Associates

Gerry McGahran
IRS Enrolled Agent
Certified Financial Planner™

Paul Kiley
Masters Degree in Taxation
IRS Enrolled Agent
Certified Financial Planner™

David Bonington
Masters Degree in Finance
Certified Financial Planner™

Stacey Braun Associates is the provider of the United Probation Officers Association’s financial counseling program. Meetings with planners are strictly confidential and the cost of the program is covered by the United Probation Officers Association Welfare Fund.