Investing and Retiring in Inflationary Times

Saturday, December 17, 2022
10:30AM  Register Now

As you may have heard, inflation is at it’s highest level in 40 years!  How does inflation impact your investments and retirement plan?  Will you have enough to retire in these times?   Are there strategies which can help to offset some of the damage in the short run? 

This webinar will present information about why the recent spike in inflation occurred and offer ideas for ways to offset some of inflation’s immediate effects on investing and retirement.

Attend this webinar to learn more about the following topics and questions:

  • Why is inflation rising?
  • Historical perspective on inflation
  • How the Fed is fighting inflation and how does it impact us?
  • Spending in inflationary times
  • Investing in inflationary times
  • Inflation’s effect on retirement
  • Local 817 Financial Counseling Program

Meet the Financial Planners from Stacey Braun Associates

Gerry McGahran
IRS Enrolled Agent
Certified Financial Planner™

Paul Kiley
Masters in Taxation
IRS Enrolled Agent
Certified Financial Planner™

David Bonington
Masters in Finance
Certified Financial Planner™

Stacey Braun Associates is the provider of the Theatrical Teamsters Local 817 financial planning program. Stacey Braun Associates does not earn money from commissions. The only thing the firm’s planners “sell” is advice, which is paid for by the Theatrical Teamsters Local 817.