Credit and Debt Management

Tuesday, August 29, 2023
4:00PM  Register Now

Planned, careful use of Debt and Credit can be a powerful tool – but it is also important to avoid missteps which can be costly.  While “Good” Debt can help secure desirable but expensive things like an education or home ownership, “Bad” Debt can put pressure on a monthly budget and delay goal attainment. 

Local 237 members and eligible employees can attend this webinar for information and suggestions about ways to organize a budget, maintain or improve a credit score, address credit card balances, and seek credit for major investments like a car or a home.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • General Context: Consumer Debt Statistics
  • Basic Budgeting Tips
  • How an Emergency Fund can prevent “Bad” Debt from accumulating
  • Strategies to reduce/eliminate credit card balances
  • Factors which determine a Credit Score
  • The importance of a Credit Score
  • How and why to obtain Credit Reports annually
  • Metrics used by lenders when one applies for credit
  • Checklist of Debt Management Suggestions

Meet the Financial Planners from Stacey Braun Associates

Gerry McGahran
IRS Enrolled Agent
Certified Financial Planner™

Paul Kiley
Masters in Taxation
IRS Enrolled Agent
Certified Financial Planner™

David Bonington
Masters in Finance
Certified Financial Planner™

Stacey Braun Associates is the provider of Teamsters Local 237’s free financial planning program. Stacey Braun Associates does not earn money from commissions.  The only thing the firm’s planners “sell” is advice, which is paid for by Teamsters Local 237.